Our new projects are an unknown territory for us, and our Subconscious really doesn’t want to go there.

Since it’s responsible for our energy supply, it just turns off the vents. To distract us, it wants us to do something rewarding instead. Usually, it’s something that is easy and pleasurable (crafts, social interactions, games, watching TV, etc.)

Sometimes, it thrills or frightens us. For example, making us watching the recent news over and over again. You don’t get any new information, but you FEEL as if you learned something important.

As a result, we keep telling everybody—and ourselves in the first place—that we would certainly do our projects if we had enough time. But time is never an issue. The problem is we don’t have enough energy to go to the Land of the Unknown.

The only way to break the vicious circle is to do to your Subconscious what it always does to you: distract it. But how?

Successful people have the courage to go to the Land of Unknown because they give their Subconsciouses something that keeps them busy.

Unfortunately, the Subconscious is a rather primitive fellow and it reacts really well on everything included in the capital vices list:

  • lust
  • gluttony
  • greed
  • sloth, which originally was not about apathy but indifference to one’s duties and obligations to God (feel the difference!)
  • wrath
  • envy
  • pride

That is exactly what numbs the Subconscious for a while and urges many successful people to do difficult things.

But we don’t have to go to the extremes. Lust can be turned into love, gluttony to the enjoyment of a healthy meal, greed to self-development and collecting knowledge, a more valuable resource than money. Sloth can be converted into a healthy nonchalant attitude to the things that don’t matter. Wrath can be expressed in a positive way. Envy can be turned into admiration. Pride can be transferred to the results of your work, not to oneself.

That is how we can negotiate with the Subconscious into giving us precious energy.


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