How To Know If You’re a Good Writer? We never post something online just for ourselves. All of our texts are intended to be read and exchanged for “respect credit”—something intangible and, at the same time, extremely important.

Respect credit is the most precious currency, because you can exchange it for anything. When applied to texts, we got our credits when a reader takes certain actions. Likes don’t count—people like our posts to make US feel good. We get respect credit when the readers’ true intention is to get some benefits for THEMSELVES.

If they subscribe to your account, they expect to enjoy your posts in the future. If they shared your post, they unconsciously hope that this would help them get some respect credit from their own subscribers.

That kind of behavior has ancient roots. Thus, the primitive hunter brought his prey to his camp, shared it, and enjoyed everyone praising him:

Our fearless Agr-Agr
Nicknamed Fast Rump by the elders
Brought us mammoth trunk to chew.
Bless his mother’s fatty breasts!

For ancient people, the respect credit was a matter of life or death. If you don’t have enough of it, who will chew your food for you when you are 35 and lost all your teeth?

We live in a completely different world now, but our Subconscious still bugs us: “Hey, Captain, our respect sensors are at zero. What you gonna do about it?” Thus, we start our quest for self-development and self-realization.

Now, the fastest way to get a respect credit is through creativity. You could create something cool and post it on social media or share the creations of other people with your own subscribers. The cool thing about creative works is that they provide respect credit not only for the author, but for those who discovered it as well.

So, if your texts are shared, it means that you know how to produce magic. But it’s not about the beauty of language, interesting metaphors, or the author’s credibility. The text could be crude, but still has magic potential for its target audience.

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