From the point of view of our Subconscious, we’re doing everything right in reading the news in a fruitless effort to find something encouraging, exchanging rumors with our friends, and eating to make ourselves feel better.

Just as our distant ancestors, in a stressful situation, we need to collect information about the threat, warn our tribesmen, and build up fat reserves. Our natural response is either to attack, run, or freeze.

But who are we going to attack? I don’t think it’s possible to swat the coronavirus with a slipper. There’s nowhere to run, so all we can do is freeze in the hope that the virus won’t notice us if we pretend to be a sofa cushions.

In a state of panic, our Subconscious forgets that we are not in the stone age and offers us solutions which don’t work in the 21st century. What will work is the following:

* Creativity. When you create something, your mind dives into other worlds which provide it with an endless source of positive energy. This is the emotional fuel you can live on forever, and it definitely helps to sit out a bad time without destroying yourself with worries.

* Laughter. In any situation, you can find something funny. Have you ever noticed that homemade flu masks looks like bra cups? You can make lists of silly security measures, pretend to be a king and issue orders for your apartment, or call God and sing songs to him so he wouldn’t feel so bad about our situation.

* Сhronicle. A chronicler is looking at the situation from a distance, and her focus is shifted from herself to the global perspective.

* Helping others. This is the best morale booster, and it helps to shift the focus too.

* Self-education. The following industries will remain afloat: everything related to life support, healthcare, security, and entertainment. It’s essential to adjust to the new reality and get the knowledge and skills people are ready to pay for here and now.

People are still here. Our infrastructure is not destroyed. Money is the river, and sometimes it just changes its course, but it didn’t disappear. We need to sit out the quarantine and prepare for the day when we will be let free.

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