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Hi, Elvira!

I’m enjoying the third book in the series so much! Your story corresponds with what’s going on in today’s Russia on so many levels!

I’ve been living in Israel for 26 years now, and it worries me a lot when I read my Russian friends’ comments in Facebook about the situation in the country. I recommended them to read your novel.

Thank you very much for this trilogy. Good luck.

Dr. Boris

Dear Elvira,
I have just finished reading your book The Prince of the Soviets without pausing for breath, realizing that with each page I was approaching the end of the story. I wanted the pleasure to go on without end, but obviously that was impossible. I read it at the speed of light to the very last page, and now I can only imagine the fate of Nina and her family. Please continue this saga!

Simon Lorberg

I’m reading your book with great pleasure. You have an enjoyable literary voice and I can’t even come up with the idea of an author to compare you with. I read Russian Treasures and just indulged myself with it. The plot is interesting too, with a new twist in every chapter.

Elena Hailo

The focus of Elvira Baryakina’s riveting historical novel White Ghosts is a contingent of Russians who flee to Shanghai in the1920s following the Bolshevik Revolution. While the mainstays in the story are the charismatic journalist Klim Rogiv and the enterprising Nina Kupina (who were once married but split up before boarding the flotilla headed for China), this fast-paced, multi-plotted novel is full of characters deserving recognition, all of them so vividly described you would know them on the street. And Baryakina’s Shanghai is alive too, with all the sights and sounds and colors and scandals and corruption and political unrest you might expect—and a lot that might surprise you. White Ghosts makes for a very enjoyable, enlightening and cinematic read.

—Joan Schweighardt is the author of The Last Wife of Attila the Hun, The Accidental Art Thief, and other novels.

Joan Schweighardt

I love the layout of this book and all the inventive characters. The illustrations are well done!

ABCKID709 (iTunes)

A very imaginative and original story. I enjoyed reading it to my 7-year-old son, and he absolutely loved it.

Fialka77 (iTunes)

From my 10-year-old son

Dear Elvira,

I read your book and I really liked it. I liked the main idea and the illustrations in the book. You are very imaginative about many things such as the houses, creatures, and everything else. Overall I congratulate you on writing such a good book. #YOUROCK

Mrs. Larssen

Perfect story to get my son to read more. The storyline is great, the graphics are high quality and most importantly, my son likes it.

Raoul Marinescu (iTunes)

As always, it’s aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

Tik Moris (iTunes)

This is the perfect book for my kids! They needed fairy tales before going to sleep. They said they really liked it, and I think developers should add more fairy tales to this app.

Asa Khoa Nguyen (iTunes)