My grand-daughter and I listened to Neoniks and Mystie the Fox and enjoyed it. I think that even though the main character is a boy, the story appeals to girls too. Everything is so bright, shiny, and beautiful, and Neoniks Island looks like a cake. All the description for the places and characters are very lively.

Asya Znamenskaya

Perfect story to get my son to read more. The storyline is great, the graphics are high quality and most importantly, my son likes it.

Raoul Marinescu (iTunes)

A very fun book with incredible characters and amazingly exciting flights of fancy. Elvira Baryakina’s Neoniks is a mix of fantasy and adventure in just the right proportions to make for delightful reading.

Natasha LIberman

Dear Elvira,

My daughter was given this book as a gift, and she said it is one of the best books that she has ever read. She didn’t want to put it down. Please write another story in the series!

Marina Ries

From my 10-year-old son

Dear Elvira,

I read your book and I really liked it. I liked the main idea and the illustrations in the book. You are very imaginative about many things such as the houses, creatures, and everything else. Overall I congratulate you on writing such a good book. #YOUROCK

Mrs. Larssen

I love the layout of this book and all the inventive characters. The illustrations are well done!

ABCKID709 (iTunes)

As always, it’s aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

Tik Moris (iTunes)

This is the perfect book for my kids! They needed fairy tales before going to sleep. They said they really liked it, and I think developers should add more fairy tales to this app.

Asa Khoa Nguyen (iTunes)

Fun and educational for kids. They will for sure like it!

PillowFight23 (iTunes)

A very imaginative and original story. I enjoyed reading it to my 7-year-old son, and he absolutely loved it.

Fialka77 (iTunes)