a prequel to the Russian Treasures Series

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If the people who knew Nina Kupina had been more thoughtful and observant, they would have figured out that this remarkable girl caused cardinal changes in the lives of everyone she met.

They called her an angel because she resembled the clear-eyed, curly-haired girls depicted on the Christmas cards. But if she was an angel, then it was an angel of turmoil who never once bothered her head with other people’s expectations.

Her reckless courage and the ambition to reach for the moon ran deep in her family. Nina’s father, Basil Kupin, was cut from the same cloth.

Not surprisingly, the future that life had to offer them was full of magnificent promise but tragic consequences.


Book 1

A novel about the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

Book 2

A novel about Shanghai in the turbulent 1920s

Book 3

A novel about foreign journalists in the USSR