About My Books

My name is Elvira Baryakina, and I write historical novels set in the first half of the 20th century.

Whenever I discover a fascinating new topic, I find myself on a journey leading me to places as disparate as Moscow, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

My goal is to collect small fragments of stories that have been scattered across different countries and reconstruct a chain of neglected historical events that provides a much bigger picture. To some extent, it is detective work, but it’s not criminals I’m chasing after but elusive answers to questions that have been bothering me ever since I was a child.

I am studying the USSR—not so much as a state but as a mighty quasi-religious order, which had its own domain, relics and crusades all over the world.

The Soviet Union succeeded in subjugating vast territories and millions of people and was the wellspring of unimaginable atrocities as well as striking achievements and exploits. It was admired, imitated and loathed.

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But most of all I am interested in the people who dared to challenge the Soviet regime. If you were in its clutches, it was unthinkable to resist—it could grind you into the dust in an instant. Nevertheless, there were brave men and women who refused to become dehumanized cogs in a giant system. My books are about these people.


Russian Treasures by Elvira Baryakina book cover


book 1

Journalist Klim Rogov, who has been pursuing an outstanding career abroad, returns to his home country, Russia, only to become caught up in the Bolshevik Revolution and the ensuing civil war. As his world collapses around him, he refuses to desert the woman he loves and remains in the Land of the Soviets fighting for their lives throughout the bloody struggles of 1917-1920.



book 2

Fleeing the civil war in Russia, journalist Klim Rogov arrives in semi-colonial Shanghai along with thousands of devastated Russian refugees. But their arrival is not welcomed by the expat community that believes the newcomers’ poverty and desperation will undermine the very idea of the white man’s impregnable superiority. And indeed, soon enough the Chinese population rise up against their racist colonial overlords.

As the Soviet Union, the Western powers, and local Chinese nationalists vie for dominance over China, Klim tries to achieve the impossible—to win back his life and affections of his stunning, estranged wife Nina.



book 3

Klim Rogov never expected to become a Soviet aristocrat, but the position of a United Press corespondent in Moscow takes him to the very top.

Klim, however, had not arrived in the USSR to enjoy a lifestyle unimaginable for a common Russian citizen. He has a secret mission of his own—he must find his wife Nina, abducted by Bolshevik agents, before it’s too late.