Resurrection Gate

Station Square

View of Tsaritsino

A view from Ivan the Great tower, looking east

A view of Moscow from the Vorobievy Mountains

The Moskva River and Moskvoretzky Bridge

A view from Ivan the Great tower, looking west

Varvarskie Gate

Moscow in winter

A church in Kolomenskoe, 16th century

A church next to Lazarevskoe Cemetery

Tverskaya Street in Moscow

Theater Square (Sverdlov Square)

Sukharevskaya Tower

A masion in Sukhanovo

Sretenka Street in Moscow

The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed

The Agricultural Academy in Petrovskoe-Razumovskoe

A traditional Russian village near Moscow

Strastnoy Square in Moscow

Crossing the Moskva River

Rowing on the Moskva River

The Moscow Kremlin

Novospassky Monastery

Novodevitchiy Monastery, west side

Novodevitchiy Monastery. A window of the western tower

Inundation at the Kremlin

Myasnitzkaya Street

The Kremlin belfry, Ivan the Great

A view of the Kremlin and the Stone Bridge

The Kremlin. Kutaffia Tower

Barracks in Baumann Street

Kazan Church, 17th century

The Historical Museum in Moscow

Illumination of the Central Power Station

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

A Gothic House in Sukhanovo

Palace of Labor

Dorogomilovsky Bridge

A view of Donskoy Monastery used as a Museum of 18th century

The premises of the Co-operative Societies

The Mosselprom House

The Kremlin. Borovitsky Tower

The Kremlin. The Nameless Tower

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