Half of the Americans wanted the head of their country to run headlong into a wall and demonstrate that he’s not able to solve the problem.

Millions of people wanted to work from home.

Millions dreamed about freeways with no traffic.

How many people wanted factories and cars to stop produce smog, and the air and water to become cleaner?

How many of us dreamed to give up consumerism and make our life simple?

Huge numbers of men dreamed about making it so that their mother-in-laws couldn’t visit them.

Huge numbers of women wanted their husbands to stay home and stop seeing their nasty friends.

How many children wanted to skip kindergarten and school?

How many people proclaimed that this country would go downhill? It seemed they could’t wait to enjoy the show.

Half of the world wanted to see the US economy collapse.

Half of the world prayed for the price of oil to go down.

There were many youngsters who wanted “the system to destroy itself.”

Even dogs and cats hoped that one day, their humans will stay home with them forever.

Beware of your wishes. The Universe almost never fulfills them immediately, since it has a huge queue of petitioners. But sometimes it realizes that countless numbers of wishes can be fulfilled with one brilliant move: All it needs to do is send a virus to Earth.

After all, the petitioners didn’t specify exactly how they want their wishes to come true.


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